I think one of the weirdest things about being a photographer is I document people growing

and when I've known people since we were young I think it's even weirder. I met Amity in the 8th grade and we spent so much time together! We went on vacations together, we went boating, we had sleep overs, we were in band, we were pretty inseperable during our junior high and high school years! So even though I already have babies myself, it was a little surreal to watch her become a mom. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm old enough for us to be making families. I guess I'm in a little denial that I'm almost 30.

BUT this beautiful mom to be is so incredible, beautiful inside and out and I have no doubt that she is going to be an amazing mom. And this gorgeous sun drenched afternoon in Ogden was just perfect for her sweet and sunny personality.

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